I cannot count my day complete
'Til needle, thread and fabric meet.
~Author Unknown

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Among some of the things I like to collect.............

thimbles hold a special place in my heart!
I think I can hear all of you who do some type of needle work, saying the same thing..........
I collect old brass ones and have recently been collecting porcelain ones because friend and family have been giving them to me, collected from their travels!
Do you collect thimbles on any of your trips?
I love them all and have been keeping them in a box ..............but I really want to be able to see them in my embroidery studio..................

I have a few wooden cola cases, in which I have placed old soda bottles on my front porch..............

my miniature perfume bottle collection................

and whimsical barn creatures and what nots.............

I now have one for my thimble collection! (as you can see, I still have spaces for more thimbles!)
I love the way it looks with my vintage teacup pincushion and basket of wooden thread spools.

In one corner I also placed my small sewing notions...........

As some of you remember, I cross stitched this piece to re-do the back of an old chair that I had fallen in love with.................

Last week a group of my friends and I gathered together and  Becky, showed us all that she was an artist. She painted this from a photo of the chair I had emailed to her and gave it to me!!!
Can you imagine how lucky and blessed I feel?? Thank you Becky!
I love it! Didn't she do such an amazing job? Of course it is hanging in my studio!

Do any of you like Brussels Sprouts.........or have you had them fixed boiled and do not like them?
My garden  patch of these are now ready for harvest and I found a wonderful way to prepare them that is so tasty! They are pan roasted............if you would like the simple recipe, hop over to my farm blog.......(click onto link) Eggs In My Pocket

With the recent cool front and rain we have been getting, I have been going through my cookbooks in search of  soups..........something different than what I usually make, and decided to try this........
BLT Soup.
It was so wonderful!
 It is creamy and hearty...........perfect to warm up with after being outside on a chilly walk.
If you would like this recipe, click onto this link to visit my cooking blog
As you can guess from all of this, I am in the middle of a stitching project and do not have much to show as of yet.
I want to start stitching some items as gifts for the coming holidays and for friends and family that are coming this way to stop in for a visit.
How about you?
Is the weather cooling where you are and are you getting into the mood to start holiday baking, sewing and decorating?
What kinds of collections do you have and how do you display them?
I would love to hear!


Anonymous said...

Kathleen, your collectibles are charming. I like how you've displayed them.

Yes, your friend, Becky's painting is delightful. I can imagine it hanging is your studio. Such a lovely tribute to friendship and artistry.

Mmm.mmm...I do like brussel sprouts. And they are wonderfully healthy for us, too.

I've always wondered what some of the designs would look like embroidered. And I've also heard of the painting crayons used with embroidery, which I always wanted to try.

A few years back I sent my Knittington fairies to Amazing Designs (A Tacomy subsidiary), and they liked them. They wanted to pay me a one time sum of $500 to use 20 designs, but I was hoping to license them. And I wasn't sure how long the contract would be, etc. I was too new at it all. Anyway, I didn't follow through with it, I've been trying not to regret that decision, but I do.

Moving onward and upward,

GardenOfDaisies said...

What a wonderful collection of thimbles and sewing notions you have! And my mom would love to see your perfume bottle collcetion. She has, over the years, collected several really lovely ones. I took a few pictures last time I visited, so maybe I will do a blog post on that sometime. Your cross stitched roses are beautiful, as is the painting that your friend made for you. You are a lucky girl to have such sweet friends!!

Nicola said...

How blessed you are to have a friend like Becky. There is nothing quite like a beautiful home-made gift.

lil red hen said...

I have my mother's thimbles; many have holes in them. She was a quilter and her fingers were misshapened from arthritis but she made beautiful quilts.

I have lots of collections but have tried to slow down.

Ric Rac and Polka Dots said...

Oh my, you have an amazing collection. Love the thimbles. I should have collected something tiny like thimbles to give myself more room for other things. Thanks so much for visiting and for the wonderful comments you left about my new little granddaughter! She is so sweet, and I hope to make her many beautiful things! I will call her Ellie. Simple, sweet, old fashioned. I like it!

papel1 said...

I love your collections! Especially the thimbles. What a great idea for sharing on your blog. I may have to do my collections.

Tammy said...

I collect thimbles, too. Used to have them on display but now they are just sitting in a basket. I also collect spoons and friends usually gift me with one when they travel. The painting is a lovely gift. Hope your day is great. Tammy

Karen said...

I love all of your collections and it was fun being able to see them. The next time we have brussel sprouts I'm going to try them your way, it sounds really good!

janice15 said...

I collected at few thimbles as well..On dad's truck here and there I have found a few...I love them but never used them...and funny I have also collected mini perfume bottles.....and I collected sm. salt & pepper shakers too. I love the painting its wonderful and I adore Brussels sprouts. Happy Thursday..with love Janice

A Colorful World said...

Your collections are delightful! And the painting is great! She did an awesome job! I am VERY fond of that pink dogwood and hope I can produce something as lovely one day! But, starting small is indeed a perfect idea, and the fact that you are making handkerchiefs appeals to me so much! I love vintage ones, but they are very hard to find. What a wonderful idea to embroider your own!