I cannot count my day complete
'Til needle, thread and fabric meet.
~Author Unknown

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Friday, February 8, 2013

There are a few "works in progress"

that I need to get to "work" on and to make "progress"with in my embroidery.
I have stitched on this set of flower coasters off and on for way too long. I don't have a reason for taking too long............I just start on something new and forget to finish...........
do you do that??
There are 12 to the set.
a flower for each month. I am stitching two sets as I go. One I hope to sell in my Etsy, the other I am keeping and using .
I am stitching both sets on a large cloth all together, and after the embroidery is finished, I will cut the coasters out and away from each other.

Along with that, I have just started another pillowcase set. This design is rather large and full of the most prettiest flower designs. I always like to try something new and different in the way that I embroider.............I wanted a speckled look to the flower........much like you would see in an Iris or Day Lily............I think it looks pretty this way..............don't you?
I will show more of this set as I go along and get it embroidered.
How about you?
Do you have a work in progress that has taken way too long for you to finish?
Is it embroidery, sewing, or painting perhaps?
I would love to hear!


lil red hen said...

Oh yes! There are always "works in progress" in my sewing room!

These are special! Last Sunday afternoon I pulled out the OLD transfers I have and wished I could share them with you because you would make something beautiful from them. Many are almost too fragile to touch. WHEN I get time, I'd like to do some pillowcases using a transfer from the old papers.

janice15 said...

I do that all the time...start a new project and don't finish the last project but get the next one finished...I don't know what it is... This is my new blog please come visit with me as I crochet..Have a great weekend my dear..with love Janice

Maria Nazareth said...

beautiful work and blog

Nancy said...

I enjoy looking at your beautiful embroidery! When you cut out the coasters will you explain how you do it? I would be afraid of cutting the satin stitch border.

I do have some pillowcases to embroider, and some other vintage things, but I haven't started them yet. Maybe soon!

Laurie said...

I love to look at your embroidery, it's so beautiful. I have way to many projects I've started and yet to finish. Embroidery included. I really need to get these things finished before starting anything new, but I get too enthusiastic!

lil red hen said...

I'm back :) Thank you for the helpful information. I have tried copying some of the transfers on the copy machine but they don't show up very well. I had never thought of using a light box but that sounds like an excellent idea.

By the way, do you do hemstitching, aka drawnwork? If so, could you give us a tutorial?

Bev said...

Oh yes I do that!! Your work is so beautiful!!

Hindustanka said...

i find that idea of making 12 coasters according to each month's flower great! it looks beautiful now,
another embroidery seems to be coming along nice too.so looking forward to see the finished works.
Mostly I have such projects in my mind, which take me too long to implement. yes, I do have few drawings, and one crochet projects which I gave up to accomplish.let's see
have a nice day!

Preeti said...

Your coasters are very pretty! I always have too many projects in progress, mostly crochet, but now cross stitch projects too are making its way into my WIP list.

Marie said...

Really lovely! I like the speckled flower! Yes, I have a never-ending project right now...that panel I am doing to eventually use in a quilt! :-) Plan to post the "where I am with it" post in a few days on my quilt blog so keep an eye out. I also have decided to start working on some tea towels made out of feed sacks. I have collected feed sack material over the years, mostly with thoughts of quilts in mind, but now I think I need to get some use out of some of them, so tea towels it is! AND I want to start embroidering some tea towels and also pillow cases. Will keep you "posted" on all that as it develops! :-)

Karen said...

Beautiful floral embroideries, Kathleen! Yes, I have several projects waiting to be finished, every once in a while I pull one out and finish it.

Cindy said...

I have a set of napkins and a table cloth with a strawberry pattern that I started last summer and put away in the fall. I think the main reason was that I wasn't really happy with the pattern. But I have to get hem finished, it's driving me nuts!
Your coasters are so pretty. Please finish and show them. Also, your flower on the pillowcase is beautiful!

Marianne C. said...

Kathleen, the coasters are beautiful!! I just love everything you do. Wow, a lot of work is going into these, especially with the delightful embroidered writing. Yes, I definitely start things and move onto something else...and YES! I definitely have projects that I can seem to bring to fruition like my Penelope story books....time and money seem to be the biggest factors. So I have lots of ideas in the wings just waiting their turn for completion, but I know they'll get there.

The pillowcase design looks lovely and I do like the speckled look of the flower. I will be looking forward to seeing it when it's completed.

Thank you for stopping by my blog..I'm glad you enjoyed Kare and Mare. I'll be posting another tomorrow...that's the plan at least.

Blessings for inspiration galore,

Marianne xo

Cgirl said...

Your embroidery is always an inspiration to me.
Yes, I have many unfinished embroidery and quilting projects that are taking to long to finish. I haven't started any new ones lately. I just jump from one to another, putting a few stitches each day into one or two of them. I hope to finish them all by summer's end.