I cannot count my day complete
'Til needle, thread and fabric meet.
~Author Unknown

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Saturday, March 24, 2018

This is the day and time

when email and texting is more convenient, cheaper, and much more faster
than sitting down with paper and pen to keep in touch with 
those we love. 
However, I still have a tiny amount of friends that I exchange letters with
and no matter what...........I still love to send a card ..........
in the mail........to those who are special to me
and who are having a important day or event happening 
in their lives.
Along with a card, a letter or short note.......
I sometimes like to put in a little surprise to give
some extra "cheer".

Sometimes it might just be a bird feather or a pressed flower that 
I have found on one of my walks........
or sometimes it is a little handmade embroidered bookmark, or crocheted 
snowflake.  And now......
I am making these tiny little  coaster doilies.

Where I came up with the idea to work on these is from the 
large stash of coaster/doilies that a dear friend gave
to me a while back.  They had been in a box in storage 
and some were heavily stained. I spent some time soaking and 
laundering until they came out nice . 

Some have crocheted edging, some with battenburg lace edging, and 
all in different shapes and sizes.  Some have just plain fabric centers
and some have white embroidered scrolls along the edges of  the centers.
But what to do with them??? There are so many! 

Then came my idea to embroider cheerful small motifs in the centers
to place with the card in an envelope to send 

a little cheer along the way!

These sweet little pieces have so many different uses..............

pretty as little coasters to dress up any table............

perfect to place dishes or vases on...........

and pretty for a vanity.
 I have so many that I will make enough 
for those special people on special occasions.........
and I am also going to make a few sets for my Etsy and vintage shop
for those who also want to send along a little cheer!

Spring is here and flowers are starting to show themselves in my gardens. 
So I leave you with this thought in the above photo 
and send my wishes for warm pretty spring days! 


happyone said...

Oh those doilies are so very pretty. What a wonderful surprise it must be for your friends to receive one on the mail.
I too still send cards and have one friend who I exchange letters with.

Sandra said...

I enjoy sending cards in the old fashioned way; and what a joy to receive one from a family member or special friend. You are making yours more special than ever by adding one of your little doily treasures. I especially love the ones with battenburg lace edges; and your adding the embroideries to the centers add even more charm.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

They are beautiful little works of art! And everyone loves getting something special in the mail. I still like to send cards and have been trying to make cards...or tags. It's fun! Enjoy your weekend!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Oh my! So beautiful. You are the perfect person to receive all those lovely doilies as you are putting them to very good use. I'm very sad that the postal system in this country where I live is the pits. Mail from Canada, California and Australia sent to me last year around June/July has never been delivered to me. I miss sending and receiving letters and cards.

Chip Butter said...

How so very lucky your friends and family will be to find one of these special little pieces in their mailbox. Now, that's the way to send some spring time cheer, for sure!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Sometimes we have items that sit hidden waiting to be remembered and taken out to be given proper attention. You certainly found the perfect way to make them wanted and cherished by those that find a surprise in their mailbox. Love them all.
xx, Carol

Debra said...

The little doilies are so beautiful. What a treasure to get one in the mail!

letslearnembroidery said...

Really neat ideas.

Miss Cindy said...

Your doilies are so pretty. My grandmother had a small collection of crocheted ones that I still have and thought about making a quilt with them in it. What a special gift your friends will receive when they open the envelope!

Angela said...

Your doilies are beautiful.
I love sending mail as well. I love buying stationary, but I'm running out of people to write because most people don't like to write letters anymore.

Janice Kay Schaub said...

I just love the one with violets on. I collect china with violets and have many beaded violets made by Debbie at craftymoose. I would love to buy one of your little embroidery.
Such lovely work