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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Washcloth Pattern

I have been asked If I would share the pattern for this washcloth.....and of course! I would be more than glad to. Now I kind of made this up as I went based on a gingham afghan design. I am not that good at writing pattern instructions.... the best thing to do is to go to this link and follow the gingham pattern, but use only 2 colors instead of 3. To make a washcloth size, I chained 50, and then worked my wash cloth in single crochet.

Inspired Crochet Design...http://inspiredcrochetdesign.blogspot.com/2007/10/free-pattern-gingham-ghan.html this lovely lady has a lot of wonderful patterns and helped me understand how to do the gingham squares. This is so easy to make and you can use any color combination. So here you go....enjoy creating!!


Linda Stubbs said...

Thank you Kathleen for doing this for me!!!!!! I love it and will be getting my little bag already for when I go somewhere and have to sit. I think ladies are going to love this.

I'll let you know how I did on making it. I am emailing you another washcloth that I think you will like. I have made tons of washcloths using this pattern.

Blessings, Linda
Prairie Flower

Paula said...

That's beautiful, Kathleen! I wish I could crochet...*sigh*...

peggy said...

I don't crochet but I know someone who loves to make the washcloths to give away. I use mine as mats as I think they are too pretty to wash dishes with. That's really nice of you to pass along the pattern.